Known as one of the top roof top tent brands on the market, Tepui has a wide variety of tents for everyone to enjoy!  Whether you are looking for a 2 person or a 4 person, affordable or more luxurious tent, we have you covered with Tepui's top of the line roof top tents.  Tepui's tents are extremely durable and very pleasing to the eye with their unique design.

Tepui's roof top tents come in a variety of series including the Baja Series, Explorer Series, and Ruggedized Series.  Each series has different qualities to fit your camping needs.  Each series includes different models and sizes for you to choose from to make sure you have the perfect RTT that fits you!

The Baja Series roof top tents are Tepui's lightest, most versatile tents available.  They utilize Tepui's patented Zipper Gimp technology which allows you to attach a different canopy to the tent's base.  This lets you change the type of tent depending on the season.  The no-see-um mesh shade canopies are used for warm/humid weather.  The ultralite nylon rip-stop canopy has a water resistant coating for springtime.  The aluminized canopy is used for inclement weather.  A detachable rainfly is included with the tents, and additional canopies can be purchased separately.  The Baja Series includes sleeping capacity for 2, 3, and 4 people.

The Explorer Series roof top tents by Tepui are perfect for year-round adventures.  They include a high-quality coated 600 denier ripstop 260G poly cotton blend canopy (UV and mold resistant) that will stand up the the elements in any season.  It also includes an all-around no-see-um mesh paneling that gives plenty of ventilation, and every panel (including the skylight) opens up for more airflow and a great view of the stars and trees when the rainfly is removed.  Inside the tent, there are 4 large internal pockets for storing gear and camping accessories, as well as a 2.5" high density foam mattress.  The Explorer Series includes sleeping capacity for 2, 3, and 4 people.

The Ruggedized Series roof top tents by Tepui are the toughest roof top tents on the market, perfect for 4x4 trailers and tough off-road rigs.  The feature a diamond plate base, 360g dual stitched fabric (40% heavier than standard models), anti-condensation mat (1/2") under the mattress, fully wrapped 3/4" heavy duty internal frame, heavy duty 3-bolt hinges and welded aluminum base construction, and extra large internal pockets, gear anchor points, and bedding straps.  The Ruggedized Series includes sleeping capacity for 3 and 4 people.

We carry a variety of Tepui accessories including annexes, awnings, bedding and gear bags to name a few!

If you have any questions about our Tepui products, please do not hesitate to contact us!  You can also check out the Tepui FAQ page by clicking here!

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