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Roost FAQ

Roost FAQ

1. If I were to place a Roost on my roof rack can I still carry other items such as bicycles, kayaks, etc?

Yes, provided your cross bars have enough width, you can still place your bicycles, kayaks, etc. on the roof rack. Also, as an alternative you can use a hitch mounted carrier to handle additional recreation equipment.

2. How do I mount my Roost RTT?

Please see Roost Mounting Guide by clicking here or follow the instructions provided with your unit.

3. Can the gas lifter shocks be replaced should they wear out?

Yes, almost all components of the Roost RTT can be repaired or replaced should they wear out.

4. Can I wash my Roost tent shell with normal car soap?

Yes, the Roost RTT shell can be washed using normal car soap.

5. Is the mattress cover washable?

Yes, the mattress cover is washable using a cold water cycle setting on your washing machine.

6. Is the Roost tent fabric washable?

Yes, the Roost RTT fabric is washable by hand scrubbing. Don’t place the tent fabric in a washing machine.

7. If my Roost RTT gets a serious scratch can it be repaired?

Yes, every Roost RTT is finished with a high quality marine gel coat. As long as the scratch doesn’t go completely through the gel coat surface it can be repaired using a gel coat restoration finish and polish.

8. If my Roost tent fabric is torn can it be repaired?

Yes, provided the tear is clean, the tear can be sewn or carefully patched.

9. How long will my Roost RTT last?

It depends on how well you care for your Roost RTT. If taken care of, the unit will last for a lifetime and can be handed down to your children as a family item.